The Archive Box

by Stereochemistry

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One would call it a limited edition EP, just that "The Archive Box" is actually...

... A BOX. And a very special one. The Archive Box is home to all those things that find no other place in our lives, it is there to store the demons from the past and those uncomfortable skeletons that fall out of closet, occasionally.

> There are 52 unique, hand-crafted Archive Boxes in the world – one for each card in the pack. Assembled one by one, the boxes are like brothers and sisters at birth: they all look almost the same, with only slight differences in aspect and content, yet each one of them is a unique entity.

They come supplied with some initial memories and games, as an encouragement for the new owners to store their own burning coals in there. In this way, each box will evolve with time, acquiring distinct traits, just like us humans do. With time, the boxes will grow up.

> Each box comes with a User Manual, that will lead the new Archiver through the various functions of the box, among which:

> The Archive Key, which opens all the doors you want to open, and closes the ones you want to close. Be careful when telling it where to go.

> The Switchboard Card. Each box comes supplied with ONE playing card. Each owner of the box has ONE chance to contact another person with the box by selecting a different playing card.

> The Emergency Envelope – to be opened and used only in the case of emergency – ONE emergency call allowed. The Archivers are invited to use the former three features with care.

> The Lyric Leaves – The Archive Box is eco-friendly and its lyrics are hand-written on pressed leaves. The leaves were collected at Norrebro Graveyard, Copenhagen, where Hans Christian Andersen and Niels Bohr are buried: since the Archive Box is home to ghosts, we wanted them to feel at home and stay there willingly.

> The BoxMatch MatchBox, for you to light up or burn out whatever matches your mood in a given moment. With one word written on each match, the BoxMatch Matchbox is a true monument to obsessive compulsion.

> The Archive Box CD – contains the music which inspired this entire project.

> The Empty Space – the most important feature of the box, as this
precious reel estate is the ground where each box can evolve independently from others.

> Since the physical release of The Archive Box is limited to only 52 precious pieces, the music within the Archive Box is actually – free.

> Being a sort of an anti-Pandora’s box, The Archive Box digital edition released one song each month for free, together with its story.

You can read the stories behind the songs, and download the Archive Box Music by following the link below:

NOTE: the price indicated herein is for a digital release only. please contact for the physical release. Only 15 boxes are left.


released November 11, 2011

Music & Lyrics & Vocals & Instruments & Concept by Karla Stereochemistry
Honored to have Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment for the Braindead on "Sebastian's Lullaby" on ukulele, concertina, banjo; and Alessandro Sofia on piano in "A Garden in Italy".




Stereochemistry Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Before The Rain
Before the Rain

she was never killing time
yet she always wanted to be found
by her king and
he never really meant to fight
all he ever wanted was to fly
but the big man
pointed his index finger on her sky
and yelled attack

even though he tried his best
he just couldn’t execute…the task
a detonation
broke his wings upon her roof
strangers, yet she didn’t stand aloof
he stained red
her face with a sticky hand
that she has tried to mend

as the rain came falling down on us
as the rain came falling down on us

language fails but not the tongue
a caress is mute but never dumb
they knew it so well
that their love will never be allowed
by ribbon jacket faces with a frown
Track Name: What A Siren Is For
Who are you
singing in the dark right in front of me
hiding those shy eyes
you know i’m casting spells
like fishing nets
my siren heart can tell you’re a sailor boy

but your fleet is stuck so let me be
a breeze that will set your sails free
oh my sailor boy.. do you know just what a siren’s for?
oh my sailor boy.. do you know just what a siren’s for?

on your skin
a compass is engraved but i’ll rather trace
the constellations of your freckles
they lead to places never been
lead to sees i’ve never seen
when you close the room and
we sail inside alone, sail inside alone

i'll unclose the Atlas
so that we could seize the world in our hands again
i love the way your voice goes shy
when you talk about your dad
his loving thoughts you never had
so you sailed away

but traveling you felt so hollow
’cause troubles, they just seemed to follow
lonelier then a man at sea
only a siren can be, only a siren can be

so let us share this lonely sea
a bitter piece of cake with me
oh my pirate boy… now you know what a siren’s for
oh my pirate boy… now you know what a siren’s for..

da da dam.. you and i…
and our dabadabadam
dam da da daba dam…
Track Name: Confessions Of A Gypsy
i don’t trust no place well enough
to leave my suitcase there forever
i don’t trust no street well enough
to buy the keys and call them shelter

yet my ship does have an anchor, just ironically,
the chain on it’s too short
to tie me to the bottom of the sea… if i wanna stay i’ll stay right here
if i wanna play i’ll play right here, on a stage dear..
Life’s just a stage, dear…

i don’t trust no man well enough
to leave my heart to him forever
.’cause my love is true and scary
when it shouldn’t be
’cause it is temporary
coming from a gypsy queen

so if u wanna stay then stay with me
if u wanna play with me then play with me
but on a stage dear, just on a stage dear

…life is a stage dear
.. love is a stage dear
Track Name: A Garden In Italy
Autumn longs the summer
and dresses like the sun
autumn cries the winter
before it has begun

summer rocks in haze
hides the panic in the sand
for its longest day is
the beginning of the end

blush my cheeks the unspoiled
innocent of the spring
ignorant of winter or
what the autumn brings

winter guards in the dark
hidden under the snow
the semen of the hope
Track Name: Sebastian's Lullaby
Sebastian you are
a sun ray fallen on my palm
you are the breeze

Sebastian you came and left
as the first chill in the morning
while it’s dawning
but the night ..the night’s still here

Sebastian you are his sigh
a sun ray in his hair
a shy tear in my eye
my unspoken my unsaid
my ungiven love

Sebastian sleep safe tonight
your mom and dad will hold you tight
Sebastian this song will reach
far beyond reality
that’s keeping you so far from me
1 2 3.. 1 2 3… one to three
one for three.. for you

Sebastian you are
the overtone we sing
weaved into this lullaby
with an invisible ink

in another world i feel i know
you came you came you brought the joy
you’re the joy in the attic
you’re the laughter in our attic
you’re the sunlight in that attic
you are the joy

sebastian sleep safe tonight
your mom and dad will hold you tight
sebastian our song will reach
far beyond reality
that’s keeping you so far from me
one..two.. three.. one twothree
one to three one for three.. for you
(laku noc.. bona nit…)

a little night melody for you who came to me
a little night melody for you

ps. you are always around, i know my love.

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